COOL! DJ Jazzy Jeff is coming

Now if only we could convince John Oates to go on tour.

I hope we all had a good weekend? I had three barbeques to go to. One Friday, one Saturday, and one Sunday. It's a good thing I like things cooked with fire.

Friday was the work barbeque - which went quite well. I was in charge of assembling the barbeque, so I was thankful that it didn't end up blowing up in our faces. I wasted my Friday by reading, and going to sleep pretty early.

Saturday, I dropped my brother off at work then took my sister to the mall. Then, I drove my sister to a golf course. When I got home, J called me and asked if I wanted to go to a barbeque. I said sure, even though I had a feeling I'd regret it later. The party was for J's friend Y. I've been to one of his parties before, and didn't have much fun. The party was at Y's friend M's place. M is a rather large fella. He's actually in a wrestling league of some sort (thing WWF Minor-leagues), and I imagine he's the biggest guy there. Lots of girth. It was quite apparent that he had done the cooking. When we got there the table was filled with pastas, salads, potato chips, etc. On the barbeque were about 30 baked potatoes, and lots of hamburgers. There were only 6 people at the Livejasmin party. Now, if we were all M's size, we might have been able to make a serious dent, but that wasn't the case. The real issue was that Y was expecting a big turnout, since it was his birthday. The problem is that Y doesn't really have the friends for a big turnout. He was pretty dissapointed - and spent a lot of the party going through his address book trying to find people to call. As one of his friends put it - "He thinks he's Joe Hollywood, but he's really Joe Nobody". It was kinda sad, but Y seems to do it all the time, so you eventually stop feeling sorry for him.

After the barbeque, J wanted to go see a band he knows play. We picked up F, and headed to the show. Lo and behold - who should be our waitress, but the aforementioned Home Depot grrrl. Well, without going into too much detail - she ended up sitting down at our table for about 10 minutes and chatting with us. It was an ideal conversation, and I figured out a number of things that helped me determine whether I was interested in her or not. She was quite friendly, but after finding out just how young she was, and that she's got a boyfriend, I figure it's safe to say any interest has severely waned. I still get the feeling she's interested in me, which is odd - considering she's with someone else.

Long story short, there are plenty of vacancies on Prospect Street once again.

Sunday was a family barbeque thing, for an 80th birthday. It was pretty fun, which is rare at most family outings. There were a few moments where I wished I'd brought a book. Lots of little running around. Afterwards, we rented Storytelling and Orange County. Both were reasonably good. I kept nodding off during Storytelling so I'll probably try and watch it again. I didn't enjoy it as much as Happiness though.

I sure wish I had Friday's off. Or this one, at least. Bad morning, thus far. Company BBQ in the late afternoon though - so maybe that'll be alright.

Is it wrong to lose interest in someone because of what they wear? A long while back (not so long, truthfully), I worked in a grocery store, and was quite interested in one of the cashiers. I'd run into her a few places outside of the workplace and she looked good, but one day I saw her walking down the street wearing a 3/4 length leather jacket and an Adidas bag, and I lost interest completely. Most of my Jasminlive friends said I was pretty shallow, and they're probably right. But I think you can tell a lot about a person by what they wear.

I was just taking a break and saw Home Depot girl waiting for the bus - dressed up in her regular clothes, and I'm not sure whether it furthered or diminished my interest. But probably the latter.

Here's a site for all the Trading Spaces fans (or anyone who's a fan of good looking guys who are handy with their hands):

The Handy Guy

Normally I write on Monday, but aside from the one link, I was pretty quiet. No reason really. The weekend was good. Bid adieu to some people who are going abroad (Switzerland and Mexico) to teach. Went and saw Road To Perdition which I thought was quite good, and would like to see again. Sunday was a family birthday/bbq thing that was not exciting, but quite hot and humid.

I also cleaned my bike, which was getting dirty - and the chain was rather thick with grease, so I cleaned that up. It was messy, but it should make for a better ride (bike has seemed sluggish of late). Of course, it was too hot to actually ride the thing. But I'll do that tonight.

I also bought two cds, and I swear I'm done with buying any for the next little while (how many times have I said that?. Added to the list were Bruce Springsteen's The Wild, The Innocent, and the E-Street Shuffle which I ordered a while back, and the Stone Roses' Second Coming (which was only $4.00 - and therefore hard to pass up)

Some good downloads of the mp and three variety here:

Hellfire Management

Ah, Josh Rouse and thai food. What a winning combination. I met up with Sh early, and checked out a couple of record stores. Discovered that Reindeer Section's new disc is already out. Found a used copy of Olivia Tremor Control's Presents: Singles & Beyond, which was suprising, and hard enough to find that I justified purchasing it. Walked down Queen St. to Penguin to meet up with Sa, and picked up a used copy of Reindeer Section's Y'all Get Scared Now, Ya Hear! which I was hoping was still waiting for me (F spotted it a couple of days ago, but didnt' pick it up for me). After that we went and got some Thai Food. We went to the same 'chain' that Kate & I went to last December, but this was a different location.

After that we dropped off Sh, and he gave us a tour of his place - which was surprisingly unfurnished and undecorated considering he's been there nearly a year. Afterwards, Sa & I headed to the Shoe to see Josh. The National Trust (couldn't find a link), and Archer Prewitt of The Sea and Cake fame opened. I liked them both. Certainly better than your average openers.

By the time Josh came on, we'd spotted a few fellow musicians in the Chaturbate audience, most important being Howie Beck (who sang backup with Josh on one song) and that Hayden fella. After getting over the fact that the weird guy who was wandering around drinking a glass of wine (and kept bringing alcohol into the bathroom with him) was Josh's bassist, I sat back and enjoyed the set. He did a nice cover of Suedehead for the encore, which I would certainly not mind a copy of. I didn't get home till about a quarter to 2, though. So I'm sure by mid-afternoon I'll be crawling under my bed (er.. desk) for a nap.

It was quite an interesting trip to Home Depot today. L and I went, and as we walked through the parking lot L ran off to talk to someone she knew. She introduced us, but we already knew each other. L lives with her boyfriend, and her boyfriend's son, M. It turns out that M's grandfather - the fella we met in the parking lot, just happens to be my dad's cousin. Which make's M's biological mother my 3rd cousin. Now all the time's L has ranted about M's biological mom, I can put a face to the accused (and believe me she deserves what's been said).

I love it when everything comes together. The 6 degrees of separation thing is frighteningly accurate.

I also got a smile and a mouthed "Hi" from the aforementioned home depot girl, which was nice. I'm sure I'll work up the courage to ask her out, eventually (most likely just after she books her one-way ticket to Europe, or officially starts dating some other guy).

Of course I was with L, and this would be the second time she's seen me with her - so I hope she doesn't come to the conclusion that I'm with L. I really think the world would be a much friendlier place if people were forced to wear (think 1940's Germany) shirts that stated their relationship status:

That sort of thing.

I started this off in the comments for another entry - but I'm interested in knowing what everyone's favourite albums to fall asleep to are. Here's a few of mine:

Massive Attack - Mezzanine

Catherine Wheel - Like Cats & Dogs

Mazzy Star - So Tonight That I Might See

October 5 - Lee's Palace - Mark Eitzel opening for Low. Don't forget your caffeine!

It just warms my heart to know that I'm the first search result returned for "Love Kyle"

Add HMV to my list of people who're out to get me. Pretty much every Dylan album I want (need?) to get is on sale for only $6.99 (Canadian!). How can I say no to that? Not to mention:

Electric Light Orchestra's Greatest Hits

The Roots - Do You Want More?

Mary J Blige - What's The 411?

Other good deals that I already spent too much on or am not entirely convinced I want:

Aimee Mann - Whatever

Sloan - Twice Removed

Sloan - One Chord To Another

Leonard COhen - Songs From A Room

Leonard Cohen - Recent Songs (hrmm....)

Leonard Cohen - Songs Of Leonard Cohen

Tom Waits - Franks Wild Years

Hives - A.K.A Idiot

Nelly - Country Grammar

I don't want to alarm anyone, but:

We're out of water at work.

Apparently someone's coming with more later today - which is good because I drink about 16 591mL bottles a day.

I should also add that there's something to be said about going to the wedding of a former model. Former model's former-model friends.

course there were only 3 single females in attendance. One being the bride's younger sister, who was only five.

The wedding

The wedding on Saturday was quite nice. The weather was perfect - wearing a suit outside was actually pleasant. Had it been last week, I'm not sure we'd have been so lucky. And apparently smoke filled skies are ideal for outdoor photos as well. Everybody was in great spirits which was nice - I've been to wedding's where fights have broken out in the parking lots, but everyone seemed to love everyone. Obviously we weren't dealing with my relatives.

We slept on the floor of G's mom's hotel room, which was more than adequate. Met a bunch of people, all of which were quite nice.

I did spend a ton of money though. Wedding gift, plus new shoes, plus various other expenditures did not make for the cheapest of weekends.

One show (Josh Rouse) this week! Seems like forever since I've been to a show. I might go out for Thai food before hand.

Clinic and Apples In Stereo seems like an odd lineup. It's the day before the Rolling Stones show, so I might have to pass.

I'm a little stiff today. Not really sure why. Last night, N and I went and bought gifts for the wedding. Gift regristry's are insane. I suppose one can never justify spending 60 dollars on pepper shakers, so they have to try and get someone else to buy it. Mind you, we waited till the last minute, so much of the less-insane stuff was already purchased.

Tonight I'll try on my suit - and make sure it actually fits. It should, considering I haven't grown (or shrunk) in any direction in the past two years.

The wedding is about 3 hours away, but I think I've convinced (forced?) N to drive, so it's not a huge concern. The biggest issue will be finding somewhere to stay afterwards. Probably should have done that earlier. Camping in my suit would be odd, but I might end up doing it.

I conveniently forgot to bring any cds to work today, so I'm listening (and occasionally watching on jasmine live website) the Glastonbury webcasts. Quality is pretty good. Listening to the Stripes now. If they do a version of "Love Sick", I'll probably attempt to record the show (Depending on how long it is, I suppose) and burn it to cd. Although I did come across a single that had a live "Love Sick" b-side on it the other day, but decided against buying it. Maybe they'll put out a b-sides album shortly? Before people realize that Britney's where music's really at.

Happy Independence Day to all those south of the border. So how's it work? Do you guys get a 4 day weekend out of it, or is the actual holiday on Monday (or Friday)?

It's also the 2nd anniversary of me working at this place. Time to get a raise, I think.

I caught a bit of that show Cribs on MTV last night. Lil' Romeo was showing his place. Quite fantastic. I couldn't help but think that the guy was living out every young kid's wildest dream. Playstation 2 and Xbox will all the games available. A fridge full of egg nog and everything else you enjoy eating. All he was missing was go-carts. Even his customized car had a dvd player, cd changer and playstation 2. (I have no idea how old he is, but I didn't think he looked old enough to drive). I hope he doesn't blow all the money though. It'd be hard to go back to a 'normal' existence after having so much at such a young age.

The scariest thing is, she got a bunch of money, and I'd never even heard of him before.

Haven't had a chance to listen to any of them yet, but check out the Glastonbury webcasts - they're probably pretty good. Sets (I presume) by:

BRMC, Elbow, Badly Drawn Boy, The Beta Band, Ian Brown, The White Stripes, The Charlatans, Oribital, Idlewild, The Dandy Warhols, Ash, and Doves.

Nothing wrong with that, right?

Well, it turns out L is not leaving after all. She got a counter-offer, that seems to have been to her liking. I'm not convinced she's made the right decision, but it wasn't mine to make - and at least I know I get along with her - who knows how well I'd get along with her replacement. (Mind you, I get along with everybody. Except an old roommate.)

You can listen to the new Flaming Lips album online. Just click on the preceding link, and then "Listen To The Album". It's not bad, although Flaming Lips albums can't really be appreciated on cheap computer speakers.

Might check out the IKEA sale today at lunch - although I'm not really expecting anything great.

It's another scorcher outside, definitely (I have serious spelling issues with this word) not a good day to sit outside and read, let alone go for a bike ride.

So L at work is leaving us. I've known for a while, but it's official now, so I'll post it now - since I never know how much of a secret this thing is. It's a little dissapointing, considering I got along with her the best, but perhaps her replacement will be equally endearing.

My long weekend seems like a bit of a waste, in hindsight. I didn't really do much. Friday I watched Donnie Darko and Monster's Ball with G. Saturday I went to S's part for a little while. Lots of married people, which was strange, considering I was the oldest person there. Sunday I went to the casino, which woulda been nice, if I'd been in Buffalo before, but I never ended up going. J, who was gonna come with me, ended up playing a show at some out-of-town festival thing, and I didn't feel like going by myself. I will see The Sheila Divine eventually, though.

I lost $40 dollars at the casino. Video Poker - usually I fair pretty decently for a bit, and then lose it all - but this time I lost it pretty much immediately. Disheartening, but hey, it was only 40 dollars - which is only about 25 U.S dollars. The people I went with lost a significant amount more. We were only there for about an hour. Very short-lived, which was surprising, considering it takes nearly that long just to get there.

Monday was a complete waste. I read a fair bit, but it was too hot to go outside and do some biking. T called me later to see if I wanted to go out for a drink, but I told her it would mean I had to shower, and at that point, it just seemed easier to go to sleep.