I was wrong. Pasta does smell pretty good. Now it smells like she's cooking a pot roast back there. I definetly smell meat and potatoes. Smells incredible, and I've already eaten my lunch. I need to make something super special tomorrow.

After being laughed at by L at work for reading (as recommended by J) Melissa Bank's The Girl's Guide To Hunting and Fishing (Even after I explained to her that it was fiction), I was left with no choice but to resort to my copy of The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway. I mean, certainly there's nothing more masculine than Hemingway, right?

I have a problem where I buy books and put off reading them. The books I take out of the library always take precedence (sometimes I'll take a book out of the library even if I do own it - because I hate creasing the spine on my own books). "Putting off today what I can do tomorrow" is a pretty good summation of how I live my life. And it's not really the best way to live, I don't think. I really ought to start living every day like it's my last.

That tangent aside, anyone have any book recommendations for me? The recommendations last time I asked were good, even if I'd already read most of what was recommended. Thanks in advance (although I'm bound to say thanks in the comments section as well.

This is getting crazy. Now my epicurious co-worker has brought in a pot to cook pasta. I'll have to check out the pot at a later time, because to the best of my knowledge we don't have any oven or cooking range (yet?). Maybe it's something she can plug in.

At least pasta is fairly aroma-free. Now pasta sauce... that could become problematic.

There's a lady here at work. She's always cooking food that just smells too good. And she does it early too. I usually don't go for lunch till 1 or so, and she's cooking chicken wings at 11:30. Right now, it's buttered popcorn that's driving my hunger over the edge. She even brought in a George Foreman grill!! How can I compete with that?

Check out the "Estimated time" it takes to get from Detroit to Cleveland at Mapquest. Those programmers need help.

Anyone been to Cleveland before? Is it worth the drive? I want to go to Chicago, and one of my friends wants to go to Cleveland. Cleveland's a bit out of the way, but is it worth the extra couple hours (and 60 minutes) to check it out.

We were watching a Lil Bow Wow video this weekend, and remarking on the uproar that would occur if the sexes were reversed. Not sure what video it was, but it was basically a bunch of obviously older females shaking their stuff and proclaiming their love of the Lil' Bow Wowster. If Lil Bow Wow was a female, and the dancer's were older men, I don't think it'd go over quite as well.

I'd begun to lose hope that I'd ever find my James Taylor Hourglass CD again. I had checked my parents car a few times, but somehow it popped out from wherever it's been hiding last night and turned up under the passenger seat.

Also picked up Ejector Seat Reservation by Swervedriver. I had/have a burned copy - because ESR was never released over here, thus making it difficult to find. Now I need to find something else to search for on Ebay.

I also saw The Bourne Identity this weekend. It was pretty entertaining.

If there was an award handed out for person most-likely to break their shoelace, I'd win. I think I've gone through over 20 pairs of laces in this set of footwear alone. I used to think it was because of work, but now I have a desk job and the laces keep breaking.

The Sheila Divine are playing a free show in Buffalo. And it's actually at a time that's pretty convenient for me. So, assuming I don't go away for the long weekend, I might get to attended.

Hard to believe I'm excited to be spending time in Buffalo.

Some grumblings from the Grandaddy camp. The Sophtware Slump was probably my favourite album of 2000.

This is the only Exploding Dog image I keep bookmarked. It's amazing how closely I relate some days.

A guy just showed up at work. Apparently he was in for an interview last summer. He didn't get the job. I guess he hasn't had much luck finding a job anywhere else either, because he's suing his school as a result. Sounds a little crazy to me. Although, I do know a lot of recent graduates who've had trouble finding work. It was an employee's market when I graduated - I had a job before classes were over, but a year later things have turned around. People who took the same course I did a year later are still looking for work. Frightening.

Well my hair is unmanageably short. The shortest it's been in a long long while. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I'll actually have a little control over it.