Was planning on putting off getting a haircut for another week or two, but it's just getting too long. My hair dresser tells me my hair is the fastest growing of all her clients. I don't know whether to be proud or upset.

Elvis Costello did not dissapoint... an observation supported by this review. Lots of fan interaction. Ran into a friend from University I hadn't talked to in a while. He was dating one of my friends, and informed me that not only are they still dating, they got engaged last week. Hurray for them.

I don't know how it slipped under my radar, but The Walkmen are in town this Saturday. They're opening for The Fucking Champs who I don't know at all. Tickets are a little expensive too, so I think I'll pass.

No waiting in line

No waiting on hold

No desperate searching for stamps or cheques

I just paid my parking ticket online. Pretty simple, but not something I'd like to become a regular occurance.

Just finished icq'ing a friend and apparently it hasn't rained at all in Toronto - so maybe I am fretting over nothing. That, or it's waiting till the show begins to let the waterworks start.

I could drive 20 minutes and be dry... The weather is a weird and wonderful thing.

Well it figures that I'd get seats that weren't protected from the rain for a day like today. Hopefully everything will have dried up by the 8:00 start time, but my breath is certainly not being held. So far, I've heard nothing but good things about Elvis' shows, so rain or shine, it should be enjoyable.

S emailed me to see if I wanted to have lunch with her today. I said sure, but then she never responded to say where we should meet... go figure.

The new Tragically Hip album is not too bad. Again, it's one of those albums that begs not to be listened to on computer speakers first (what album doesn't really?). Especially my speakers, which tend to make a fluttering noise every once in a while that I can't quite figure out. I was looking back at some of the cds I've purchased over the past 6 months - and it's a lot more than I really thought. I average about 10 a month it seems. I hope Audiogalaxy lasts a little while longer, because I'm going to have to start showing some serious restraint henceforth. I might actually sit down and setup a budget for myself.

It's a good thing the new Hip album comes out today - since I forgot to bring any listening material to work. Still have plenty of mp3s, so I'm not too concerned though.

I also ran a stop sign this morning, but I swear to you when I I drove to work yesterday it wasn't there. Thankfully there was no cop to pull me over, or car to run into.

I really don't have much to say today, so I'll just point you off in other directions. It's Sarah B's birthday today. If you haven't read it yet, go do so - it's delightfully funny.

Also, Pop Culture Slut is back. It's a well designed site, and the content is quite enjoyable.

Finally, Renee over at girl sets fire has redesigned yet again. Makes me want to redesign, but in the last few days I've gotten some "nice design" emails, so I figure I should keep this for a little while longer.