Beer. Why is that when referred to in a plural sense it's still beer, and not beers?

Shouldn't it be "A case of a dozen beers was stolen..."?

I went and saw About A Boy last night. I was quite pleased with it. I didn't want to strangle Hugh Grant for being a bumbling awkward (albeit adorable, I'm sure) mess. Much better than the book, although I think I was setting myself up for a dissapointment with the book - considering I enjoyed High Fidelity so much.

After the movie, A and I went and caught Ben Kweller. I don't think A was overly impressed. The only song he would know (from a mixed cd I made him a while back), they didn't play (Lizzy). He didn't seem to dislike it, which was good. All in all I was happy I went. Especially since it was free. It wasn't one of those experiences where I felt like I'd gained anything from seeing the songs in a live setting. One of the two new songs (or old songs I'd never heard before) had a part that sounded very much like "Fireworks" by The Tragically Hip.

Tonight might be the first concert I attend alone. F is undecided, as is A. I could probably convince T to come with me, but I saw her enough this past weekend.

I'm glad no one has said they enjoy wearing capri pants yet. They're pretty much the only clothes I can't figure out. I must admit I am a sucker for overalls. They aren't quite as popular as they were about 5 years ago. You'd think there'd be something unsexy about baggy overalls, but you'd be wrong. Remember... say no to capri pants.

I got a parking ticket in the Tim Horton's parking lot last Friday. I stuffed it in the centre console and sorta forgot about it - but I guess I'll have to pay it eventually. I think this is my third parking ticket in about two years. At least I've yet to be towed.

So, do tell. If you're going to see a band what do you do with band's music, beforehand? Listen to it non-stop before the show, and in the car on the way to the show? Or do you take some time off from the band, so it's 'fresher' live?

I used to go through a self-imposed 7 day fasting before a show. I still try to.. but damn, that Ben Kweller... I figure if I'm singing it to myself as I work, I might as well hear the real thing.

Some CD's I'm looking forward to:

My Vitriol - Fine Lines (re-release) - been wanting this for over a year

Spoon - A Series of Sneaks (re-release)

Doves - The Last Broadcast

Beth Orton - Daybreaker

and countless others. Bruce Springsteen has apparently finished his album, so hopefully that'll be out soon - but I doubt it.

I went to IKEA at lunch today. Was going to get some shelves, but they were too big for my car, so I decided against it. The young couple's that usually swarm the place were not around today. Mostly elderly people today. They also moved the computer desks on me, so i was expecting something new and exciting where the computers used to be, but there was nothing.

I watched a boatload of Trading Spaces this weekend - it seemed whenever I turned on the television, it was on.

Anyone else think The Vines sound a lot like Local H?

I've got four concerts to attend this week.