One of my co-workers is off for the week. Her absence is marked mostly by a lack of emails. Plus work gossip. She keeps up on it. I find out months later, mostly. This could be a spicy gossip week too - mostly revolving around missing co-worker - so it sucks to be out of the loop. Maybe I can start a website where people can post their office gossip in an anonymous fashion. I am sure some of it is pretty interesting. Although I am sure the majority of it is dreadfully boring.

I have yet to instigate any interesting office gossip. And I've been working for 15 years (although I suppose the first couple of years as a newspaper delivery person don't quite count).

"Straight Up" by Paula Abdul just finished playing on the radio by the water cooler. I don't know if I ever mentioned it before, but I used to be a huge Paula Abdul fan. I had singles, I had her video. I would get my female friends to rip out pictures of her from magazines (I once bought a copy of Us magazine with her in it).

For some of my friends it's a legacy that they haunt me with every now and then. I still enjoy her stuff when I hear it on the radio (the older stuff, from Forever Your Girl and Spellbound). An ex-girlfriend once made me a Paula Abdul bookmark. I think she was mocking me, but I thought it was delightful.

I'm not really as ashamed as I think I ought to be, though.

I trust we all had a good weekend? Friday M & R made me dinner, at the house they're housesitting. It was tasty. After that we went out - and met up with D. All in all it was a good, but uneventful night.

The White Stripes show on Saturday was pretty good. They did a bunch of covers, best of all being Dylan's "Love Sick".

Sunday T & M and I went and saw Minority Report. It was pretty good.

Have I mentioned how much I hate the cd player in my computer at work? I think I'll upgrade it to a burner this afternoon.

Thanks to everyone who recommended stuff to read. Should keep me busy for the time being. I checked the library, and "The God Of Small Things" was not in at my branch, so I'll have to get it this weekend. It would be a shame to have a discussion of great books, and not mention the passing of one of Canada's better writers. I've only read a handful of his books, but I've enjoyed them all. He's also been the inspiration for a few songs by one of my favourite bands.

Anyone looking for a new author to delve into, might want to check out something by Timothy Findley.